How to Get a Good Score on the SAT

10 Steps To Get Your Best SAT Score

What is a ‘Good’ SAT Score? A ‘good’ SAT score is a score that increases a student’s chances of being admitted to their top-choice college. That will mean very different […]

7 Keys to AP Success

AP success

Advanced Placement or AP classes have become commonplace at most US high schools, and Massachusetts is leading the way with the highest percentage of graduates in the nation scoring a […]

Making Sense of Financial Aid

The cost of college is out of control, and prices keep climbing higher. The cost of college tuition increased 12% annually from 2010 to 2022, and we’ve endured a steady […]

Understanding Neuropsychological Evaluations

Understanding Neuropsychological Evaluation

When a student struggles academically or finds that learning is difficult, a neuropsychological evaluation helps to specify their cognitive strengths and weaknesses and provides extensive information about their needs. Then, […]

5 Simple Tips for Taking the Digital SAT

laptop digital sat

The days of paper-based SATs are over, and students will now take the SAT on a computer using the CollegeBoards Bluebook application. While the underlying academic content is largely the […]