The Wisdom of a Fall SAT (or ACT)

Fall SAT (or ACT)

Should I take one more SAT? Is it worth it to sign up for an ACT in the Fall? Isn’t the fall of senior year too late to be testing? […]

The Upsides of Online Tutoring

If you asked me in February 2020 whether I thought online tutoring could be as effective as in-person tutoring, I would have confidently said ‘no’, and I would’ve been completely […]

Understanding ‘Stupid’ Mistakes

Understanding ‘Stupid’ Mistakes

The phrase ‘stupid mistakes’ really bothers me, and I hear it from a student at least once a week. “Oh, that was just a stupid mistake” or “I just made […]

The Simple Bravery of Doing Difficult Things

Doing Difficult Things

The word ‘brave’ is typically attributed to larger-than-life heroics. Bravery is big, and bravery is bold.  But bravery can also be small and private, easy to overlook or take for […]

A Practical Guide for Preparing for Finals

Guide for Preparing for Finals

The year is almost over, and final exams are the final hurdle between you and your summer break. Here are some helpful pointers to ensure that you use your time […]