Test Help

Helping to prepare students for a particularly difficult test.


Coming up with effective systems to help students stay organized.

Next Level

Working on material that helps students who need to be challenged achieve a deeper understanding of their studies.


Because Open Door Education specializes in individualized education, we are happy to accommodate your student’s needs, schedule, and learning style.

Short-term Help

We can provide periodic help and support for when the going gets tough.

Long-term Help

Others are looking for long-term support, the type of guidance that imbues a child with self-confidence, curiosity, and an understanding of what it truly means to be an engaged and enthusiastic learner.

Expert Tutors

Matt McNicholas

Math, Humanities, Sciences, Writing, Organization

Erin Webb

Math, Humanities, Writing, Organization

Travis Minor

Math, Humanities, Writing, Organization

Alec Poitzsch

Math, Sciences

Leann Westin

Math, Biology, Organization, Spanish

Ellen Neelands

Organization, Writing, Sciences, Literacy

Tom Opp

German, English, Organization

Paul Chiampa

Math, Sciences, Organization, Writing, German

Don Lippincott

Writing, History, Latin

Katherine Bailey

Writing, English

John Foster


Jake Solomon

Math, Biology

Rory McHarg

Math, Sciences

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